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ADGA America Saanens 

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West Virginia


A Bit of Herd History

I've raised Saanens since 1988 in West Virgina.

I try to focus on milk production, but I keep type in mind.
The last time I did any showing was 1999.
I've done 1 day milk testing and some linear appraisal, last three Linear Appraisals being in 2011, 2012 and 2013

Herd Health Practices
I raise all my kids apart from the adults on pasteurized milk and heat treated colostrum.

Herd Lineage History
At one time, I had numerous bloodlines, but over time and with the selection process, it wound up with all my does tracing back to a single doe:

1*M Upa Hollow GFJH Easter

Due Due to the fact that she had numerous extended lactations, Easter didn't kid many times and was stingy with the does.

I currently have two separate lines,

the longer one traces back to Easter's daughter, Emily, described below who was out of one of my all time favorite bucks

+*B Lake Country Opus Archon FS90.

The other line traces back to the second of Easters three daughters:

Upa Hollow LCAS Patchouli, who was out of the Sire Summary Buck,
*B Lake Country Avalanche Surfire.

Herd Does

Upa Hollow BSRF Half Pint

half pint

6-03 VVVE  FS 89       
7-05 VEEE  FS90

Sire: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster

Dam: 2*M Upa Hollow LCOA Emily

Halfpint is named Halfpint due to her small size.   
She is old now but at peaked milked 14 lbs, although she was never among my heavier milkers. She is a pretty doe with a high rear udder Scoring 41 and 46 in rear udder height the 2 times she’s been appraised. She has turned out to be one of my better brood does though, producing:
Upa-Hollow Miss Bugeye  5-02 EVEE FS90
Upa-Hollow EZ Seven  4-02 VEEV FS88
Upa-Hollow MD Bianca 2-02 VVVE FS88 (owned by Lucas Farm)
Upa-Hollow MD Pint of Pearls (Res Jr Champ at WV State fair) (owned by  Renegade Farm)

Her daughter Upa Hollow NCJC Ann Bailey a dry yearling scored V EC EC with an overall V rating in the Young Stock Appraisal

Upa Hollow Miss Bugeye  

 DOB 4/17/2008 

S: *B Caprikorn Kahuna Meadow Wind (3 appr. daus FS 90,91 92)

SS: GCH+*B Willow Run Braveheart Kahuna FS90 (dam 2x Nat’l GCH, paternal GCH Nat’l GCH)
SD: GCH*M Caprikorn Meadow Romance 6-03 EEEE FS91 (Top 10)

D:Upa Hollow BSRF Half Pint 7-05 VEEE FS90 (4 appraised daus FS70,87,88,88,90- 2 dau E udder)  

DS: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster (2 appr dau FS 89 and FS90, dam 4000 lb milker)
DD: 2*M Upa Hollow LCOA Emily

Linear History:

3-02 VVEV FS88
5-02 EVEE FS90


1GCH Leg

Shown 1x - WV State Fair 2014. GCH, BOB, BUOB, BUIS

Miss Bugeye, or "Crazy" as we know her is a moderate milker usually peaking at 14 lbs. She is the largest doe

In the barn.

Upa Hollow EZ Seven


Sire: *B Companeros PR EZ Money

Dam: Upa Hollow BSRF Half Pint

Seven was leading the entire herd as a first freshening 2 year old milking 16 lbs a day.

She also has the most level lactation so far.

She got sick and missed appraisal, but she bounced back and is fine now.

She has a nice udder but she is not as big, upstanding or level rumped as her sister.

She's reminds me a LOT of my all time favorite

doe Easter who was a lot like her. Seven's sire is a son of the

famous milk buck ++*B Heavenly Poor Farm Prime Rate,

who was a son of 1995 National Champion GCH Camp Hil Design Cachet.

Her sire's dam was GCH*M Companeros Cascade Mallorca who was a top 10 doe

with numerous extended lactations. Next to Emily, Seven is probably

my favorite doe in the herd right now although I am not coming from a show perspective saying that.

Upa Hollow BRSF Polly

5-4-07 5-03 VEEV 89

Sire: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster

Dam: 1*M Upa Hollow LCOA Pixie  

Polly like her Half Sister Halfpint is also a smaller doe scoring 21 in stature in 2011.

She got a 38 in rear udder height, 34 rear udder arch, 32 in fore udder in 2011.

She is a good milker milking around 15 lbs

I got that cleared up but she seems to be drying up on that side now.

She's a really dairy goat and very upstanding.  Her teats are rather large though.

Upa Hollow LCOA Snogirlsnogirl

4-3-2009 +EV+ FS85

Sire: +*B Lake Country Opus Archon FS90

Dam: Upa Hollow BSRF Polly FS 86

I had 3 first freshening 2 year olds in 2011. One was sold.  The other 2 were Seven and Snogirl.

Snogirl is the only doe appraised this year that I really felt got shorted.

Maybe because she's really dairy. Also she's a really small doe scoring 20 on stature.

She has a really nice fore udder scoring 33 a nice rear arch scoring 31 in 2011.

  She is the last daughter of one of my favorite bucks Archon

 and has the pretty shaped body and super ease of milking  that the majority of his daughters had.

Snogirl is linebred on my buck Archon being Archon bred back to his granddaughter.

She peaked at 12 lbs as a first freshening 2 year old. 

Upa- Hollow NCJC Ann Bailey

1*M - DOB:  3/22/2012


Young Stock Appraisal  VECEC Overall V+ 

2-03 ++VV FS 87

Shown 1x WV State Fair 2014  

1st and Best Udder In Class.

Sire: ++*B North Coast Jaison Collin

SS: GCH++*B Companeros Lazar Jaison 

SD: GCH*M Companeros Reason Coleen FS86

Dam: Upa Hollow BSRF Half Pint  VEEV FS90

Dam’s Sire: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster

Dam’s Dam: 2*M Upa Hollow LCOA Emily 

Ann Bailey is an AI success out of the famous 
Saanen buck North Coast Jaison Collin. She freshened 
as a 2 year old hitting 12 lbs and earned her star at the State Fair 
in August at 3 months 7 days fresh, 9.4 lbs and 4.1% Butterfat.
She is a powerful doe, with a well attached udder and good teat 
delineation, and placement. 
She also has a very strong will to milk. 
She was milked thru the winter of 2014/15 
and as of April 2015 is milking 10 lbs a day.

Upa-Hollow Moby Penny

- DOB: 04/16/2012


2-02 +VVV FS 85

Sire: *B Sartyr OEKY Moby D VEV FS 87

SS: +*B Old English Kojack (spotlight sale buck)

SD: *M Sartyr Standout Trieste FS90

Dam Upa Hollow BRSF Polly FS 89 

DS: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster (dam milked over 4000 lbs in a commercial dairy and lived to be over 10)

DD: 1*M Upa Hollow LCOA Pixie FS 85  (18 lb plus milker)

Moby Penny is a large doe with a well attached udder. Easy to milk. She peaked at 12 lbs as a first

freshening 2 year old and in April 2015 is milking between 13 and 14 lbs. Her full sister Becca,

owned by Lucas Farm appraised VVVV FS 86 as a first freshing 2 year old.

Junior Does

Upa Hollow PR Nina

Upa Hollow PR Scortchie
Sire: +*B Heavenly-"Poor"-Frm Prime Rate USDA 92nd percentile.
Sire's Sire: GCH+*B Lake Country Composit Showbiz
Sire's Dam: GCH*M Camp Hill Design Cachet (1995 ADGA National Champion)
Dam: Upa Hollow BSRF Half Pint FS90
Dam's Sire: *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster
Dam's Dam: 2*M Upa Hollow LCOA Emily
Nina and Scortchie are AI daughters of Prime Rate who is on the USDA sire summary

with many top showing and producing daughters. 

They are out of Half Pint who is probably my #1 all time brood doe. They will be dry for 2016.

Senior Herd Sires

*B Sartyr OEKY Moby D VEV 87

(dam pictured)

Dam of Moby


- Sartyr Standout Trieste

For Milk Records click HERE

Dam's Appraisal scores

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A Moby daughter - 

"Upa Hollow Biannca" First Freshener LA VVVE88 

         *B Bethel Sen Rica Filibuster  - Deceased 2013

Sire: +*B Anthem Reason Senator
Dam: *M Bethel ABR Roo Rica 
1-05 295 2750 3.1
2-07 305 3870 2.8
3-07 305 4210 2.7
4-07 305 3240 2.7
5-07 305 2780 2.8
6-07 305, 3050 2.8
7-07 305 2490 3.1
8-09 232 1540 3.0
9-04 323 1750 3.2
10-06 213 1090 3.2

I got Filibuster sight unseen bases solely on the fact that his sire's sire was the famous buck, ++*B Companeros Voice of Reason, AND his sire's dam was a GCH, appraised 90, and was Top 10 for protein, and that his dam was an USDA Elite doe with an incredible lifespan and milk record considering she was in a commercial herd.

As it turned out most of Filibusters daughters have been above average milkers as well has having very high mammaries. His two daughters in my herd apprased 90 and 89. 

Reference Animals


2*M Upa Hollow LCOA Emily

American 4-1-03 - Young Stock VVV - V overall

Sire: *B Lake Country Opus Archon E+E FS 90 -

Dam: 1*M Upa Hollow GFJH Easter VEEV FS 88

Emily was the daughter of Easter who wound up being my foundation doe.

She was a good milker earning her star on a one day test with 15.5 lbs at 3% Butterfat.

She had a really nice udder with a well extended fore and is super comfortable to hand milk.

She also had a really flat rump and is a wide powerful doe.

Her milk PTA was of 9/11 is +6


Jim Kirk

(304) 743-6696